Tower Garden Seedlings

What does your family like to eat? Salads? Do you like to cook with greens or herbs? Do you want vegetable plants? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Oliver’s Gardens Tower Garden seedling collection. We are a certified seedling provider with two carefully-designed growing rooms. With just a few simple clicks, you and your family can browse through our selection to see what will fit with your garden needs.


For those of you who are new to this process, you may be wondering what a seedling is? Unlike a “seed,” which is a plant encapsulated inside a seed coat, a seedling has just sprouted. Essentially, it is a baby plant. All seedlings have different growing requirements, but if you’re looking for the most convenient way to start your Tower Garden, seedlings are the way to go. Seedlings not only grow fast, but they can also be rotated easily within a tower as opposed to being planted in soil. With a Tower Garden, you can grow a minimum of 20 plants such as fruits, vegetables, spices, or flowers indoors or outdoors and in a single vertical, aeroponic structure.

Green Seedlings

Do you need salad or cooking greens? Browse through our bountiful selection.

Herb Seedlings

Herbs add flavor and medicinal value to every dish. See our current selection.

Vegetable Plants

Click here to see our seasonal offerings of vegetable plants for your tower.

Kale Seedlings

As a power food, kale will help you increase your daily nutrient intake. It tastes great!

Lettuce Seedlings

We offer several types of lettuce to help you create your own salad mix.

Tower Garden Supplies

Items for your Tower Gardens.

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