Pantry Items

Nothing goes to waste at Oliver's Gardens

When we first rolled up our sleeves and got to work here at Oliver’s Gardens, we started modestly with just greens (cooking greens, microgreens, salad greens, etc.). But as we continued to grow, we wanted to make the most of everything the farm was providing. At Oliver’s Gardens, nothing goes to waste. When there is an abundance of something, a new product is created. When we don’t sell something, it goes right back into the garden or is used in some other way.


Repurposing, zero-waste mindset, creativity, homesteading, and joy are all considerations when developing a new product. And with background experience as a seamstress and costume designing, there’s no telling what you’ll find on our shelves.


•   Jams and Jellies

•   Plum sauce

•   Herbs, spices, and teas

•   T-shirts


Enjoy browsing through and visit frequently as new items are added often (seasonally, too).

Mixed Greens & Herbs

Need some salad or ready to stock the freezer with cooking greens? Maybe you need some herbs for your menu this week.


The majority of the herbs included in our tea carefully chosen blends are grown in our own gardens. Enjoy!

Jam, Jellies & Sauces

Shop our collection of preserved foods from the comfort of your own home. The collection changes frequently so check often!

Sewn Items

Sewing is a favorite pastime, as is repurposing and homesteading. I hope you enjoy shopping my creations.



All of our blends are grown in our gardens or tower farm and dehydrated. From our home to yours-fresh.

Tower Garden Supplies

Items for your Tower Garden.

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