Our Journey

Where we've been and where we're headed

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How It All Began

Oliver’s Gardens has always been more of a mission than a business venture. I mean … to say this is our small-business and our source of income is accurate — but that also sounds cold and uninviting. What we have created for ourselves and anyone who chooses to join us on the path is a place of freedom, peace, and healing. It is a place where life is in abundance, and everyone has a chance to leave the unfortunate circumstances of their life behind and make a change for the better. You can create the same in your garden spaces!


To truly understand the catalyst behind Oliver’s Gardens, you must first know our journey — my journey.


I’ve always loved being with my daughters (and now my grandsons, Oliver and Gavin), which is why I chose to homeschool. Some of my favorite schooling memories are of us sitting around the table in our pajamas, reading a great book together while eating cookies and ice cream. There was a map nearby where we could pin the location of our favorite characters as well as a timeline where we could locate their place in history. It was a special time in our life — but then tragedy struck, and my family and I began a long-term series of life-changing crises (or what I named, “The Cascade of Crap”). I tried to hide away, but freedom demands to be shared.


Through praying for freedom, we were led to Romans 12:2 which says, “Do not conform to the patterns of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind…”For me, that meant to step out of the box and look at life with a new perspective. It is easy to get stuck in boxes and then feel trapped or lost. The first three steps out of the box were to sell our great big house where we raised our kids, downsize by 75% (which has included way more than just stuff), and to start a farm!


A FARM? What? How? Where? While each of these was scary, they’ve also been exciting and filled with freedom!


The definition of “farm” slowly began to define itself when we found our new “green” house. To say there was no life in the soil when we moved here would be an understatement. Rather than till the land, I layered using cardboard and a concoction of all sorts of stuff — mulch, soil, compost, dead fish heads, kitchen waste, Spanish moss, wood chips. Now, it is black, healthy, and filled with life — so much so that we even raise butterflies on the property.


This adventure has taught me to let go and allow my garden spaces to speak to me, designing themselves into enchanting and inspiring places that engage my soul. Each day is a new learning experience. The gardens teach me about life, about patience and forgiveness, about relationships, and about so many other things. The gardens bring freedom from the “cascade.”


My goal is to share the wonder I experience every day; to give others a glimpse of a pathway filled with adventure and discoveries around every turn.


Join me on the path!